Membership Information

2019 Membership Rates

****Current Membership Rates through April 30th, 2019****

Membership is required. Pool does not offer daily passes.




These prices are for new members as well as renewals.

New Member Information:

Any new members have the option to join at current prices but will not have any voting rights. New members are encouraged to purchase stock certificates. This additional revenue not only helps to sustain the swim club but is required in order to be a voting member and to serve on the pool Board of Directors. By purchasing stock, you'll own a piece of the property and have a vote in saying how your pool is run. Prices for stock certificates are: Single Stock Certificate: $50; Family Stock Certificates: $150. Family Stock Certificates can be purchased in yearly installments over a 3-year period. Please visit the Pool Operations webpage to review pool rules and guest fees and policy, as well as governance.

2019 MTV Application.1.pdf

2019 Membership Application & Annual Letter

***Now a typeable PDF!**

You may contact the pool manager regarding membership info during the swim season at

***Prior to pool opening, please email***